We connect you with the support and training you need so you can find the work you want.

Our service is all about understanding you and your goals. It’s important to find a provider that suits your needs. We want to do more than find you a job, we want to help you achieve your career and life goals. We’ll take the time to get to know you, understand your skills and abilities, and what kind of support you want.

And our help won’t stop when we find you work. We’ll continue to assist both you and your employer, going the extra mile to understand your new workplace and any potential challenges, so we can ensure you have the best chance of success.

The steps to find and keep a job

  • 1Register
  • 2Prepare
  • 3Apply
  • 4Start work
  • 5Support

Register with us

Before you start with us, you will need to tell Centrelink that you’d like us to provide you with Disability Employment Services. Talk to us if you’d like help through the process.

We can also help get you to your first appointment. Our offices are close to Centrelink offices and public transport links, but if you’d like us to help you get to your first appointment with us, just ask.

To get started, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.


When you arrive for your first appointment, we’ll have a chat and start getting to know you, your experiences, and your goals for the future.

You can speak to our team about any concerns you may have, and they will work with you to create a support plan to prepare you for work. This will help us to work with your new employer to ensure you succeed in your new role.

You might also want to learn new skills for a particular job. We have a range of training programs that can help get you ready for work. We can also help you with job applications and paying for work tickets you might need.

Welcome to MAX Pack


When you register with our service, you will have access to local job opportunities offered exclusively on MAX Connect from thousands of employers we work closely with.

The most important step here is making sure your resume and cover letter give you the best chance possible when you apply for jobs. You will have access to Word through MAX Connect to create, edit or update your resume.

We can also help you prepare for interviews, offering plenty of techniques and tips to help you feel more comfortable. If you need help travelling to your interview, buying clothes, or if you want us to come with you to meet your employer, we can do that.

Start work

Our work doesn’t stop when you find a job. The first few days and weeks of work can take some getting used to. You’ll be meeting new people and learning new tasks so we want to make sure we stay in touch with you, and that you’re happy and comfortable.

When you start, you might need to spend money on additional items like uniforms, travel, and food for lunch. We will give you a voucher to help you stay on top of these additional costs.

We also like to talk to you after your first day to find out how it went. Our in-work support team can maintain contact with you for as long as you need, while you settle in.

View our In Work Support Guide to learn more.


The first few months can be exciting and sometimes difficult as you find your routine and settle in. We know that things happen so it’s important we can help recognise that and address any challenges.

When you start work, the way you manage your money will change and you may run into some challenges. We can give you a voucher at one, three and six months of employment to help with groceries, bills or new costs such as travel and clothing.

View our In Work Support Guide to understand the different ways we can support you

If anything else is worrying you or you have any questions, you can always visit our offices, call us or use our MAX Assist App.

More than anything, we want you to know our team is here for you.

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